Apr 20 2010

Trabant Café

You might remember my post about Fritz and his wife having a Trabant procession at their wedding… if not here it is. His comment mentioned that they were planning on opening a Trabant themed cafe in Romania.

No website as yet, but you can become a fan of their Facebook page.


Sep 13 2009

Trabi article in Retro Cars

Aug 27 2009

Trabi article in Retro Cars

Just been sent this clipping from the back of Retro Cars…

I’ll be keeping an eye on the newsagents shelves next month for this.

Aug 17 2009

Green power may help Trabant trundle back to life

BERLIN (Reuters Life!) – One of the most endearing symbols of communist East Germany, the stinky two-cylinder “Trabant” will roar back to life at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt in September — as an electric concept car.

Designers behind the modernised prototype, “Trabant nT” hope to transform the former smoke-belching clunker into an energy efficient vehicle for the modern city-dweller, equipped with electric fuel cells and a solar-panel roof.

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Jul 13 2009

I say… ding dong!

Well… what more can you say? Obviously, chicks dig Trabants! ;)