Dec 7 2009

‘Christine’ moment

I just had a ‘Christine’ moment… you know, Arnie Cunningham has bought Christine and has started to restore her. He puts brand new chrome windscreen wipers on her… but the windscreen is still cracked!

I have no idea what happened to the towbar on the car, it looks like it has been cut and ripped off! I just bought this off ebay:


and it turned up on the doorstep this morning. Its a shame the car isn’t running at the moment.

Feb 19 2009

The postman always rings twice…

Not round these parts he doesn’t, so when I heard the doorbell this morning I knew I didn’t have much time to get downstairs before he hightails it back into his van.

My package my Trabi UK arrived this morning and was full of lovely stuff for the car. Most importantly there is a the fuel tap and carb repair kit… all the other stuff is pure vanity ;)

Feb 5 2009

The rebirth of Trabi UK

My own Trabi was bought from Lee who used to run Trabi UK, the UK Trabant parts company. Unfortunately Lee stopped trading soon after I bough the car so any parts I have needed have been bought direct from Germany. The other day Dave Jones, a member of the IFA club Yahoo group announced that he had negotiated a deal with Lee for his stock of parts, that he will be running Trabi UK himself and that he has been negotiating prices with German distributors.

I have already placed an order with Dave!