Sep 22 2009

Please rescue this Trabi!

cropped A Trabant 601 which in the past has been pushed into a high flowing river, possibly by thugs (or a disgruntled owner) and because these cars are mostly made from Duraplast it has been carried down river and finally coming to a stop against two old wooden pillars where it has sat ever since. The car has since been vandalised, it has had its windows smashed and various parts have been taken, its even been sitting that long you can see the water mark on the sides of the car as the river has been rising and falling and the front wheels have sunk into the mud. There are even spider webs on the rear and passenger window and an old log which is trapped against the passenger side…

More details here

Thanks to ‘aardvark64′ on the IFA Club forum for the heads up! ;)

Sep 21 2009

Ebay spotting

This grey 1967 601S


Link to ebay auction

Sep 15 2009

Ebay Spotting…

Listed as an ‘87 601S Kombi, the owner has done alot of work to this car according to the listing:

  • Trabant 601s Kombi 1987
  • Mot untill june 2010
  • Taxed till December 2009
  • Engine overhauled, New crankshaft, con rods, pistons,cylinders. Many new parts to mention.
  • Resprayed blue pearlescent.
  • New vinyl cream interior.
  • Underneath of fully welded and undersealed the rest Wax oiled.
  • FORCED to sell because partner thinks its a monstrosity and wants it off the drive. Its the car or me.
  • Spent over £1600 renovating the car and would like to recoup as much as possible.


Click for ebay auction

Its a shame about the ‘FORCED’ to sell part… luckily I have an understanding wife. She moans about the car, but I haven’t been forced to sell it just yet ;)

Aug 27 2009

Ebay spotting

Here’s another Trabi on ebay… this one looks like its come around again as it was for sale recently.

Link to ebay auction

Jul 15 2009

Ebay spotting

Yep… its another Trabi on ebay.

Its an ‘81 Kombi, 6V, UK registered and comes with the German paperwork.


Jun 22 2009

Ebay spotting

Just spotted on the IFA Club forum.

A 1989 Trabi that appears to have had a fair bit of work on the brakes and suspension for the MOT. It comes with some of its original DDR paperwork as well, which is nice to have.

Link to ebay

Feb 8 2009

Ebay spotting…

Spotted today, a 1980 Trabant…

The auction only has a couple of days to run with no bids at £500… there is a BIN price of £1000.

CLICK HERE for the auction

Jan 16 2009

The art of the Trabant

There is no doubt that the Trabi is an iconic car, and no surprise that people try to make money from it’s image. Its also no surprise that that wonderous boutique of all things great and good (and some truly awful things!), Ebay, in between all the fridge magnets and postcards always seems to have some art prints up for sale.

These two seem to be a permenant fixture on Ebay these days…

These 2 examples can be found HERE and HERE for the time being. I’m sure they will be easy to find once their auctions expire as well…