4 Wheels to Cambodia

Sandi Toksvighits the road in two unsuitable vehicles; To discuss bumpy roads and adventures, she is joined by Manch·n Magan who undertook a road trip from London to Kenya, in a 1960ís ex British army Bedford truck; and Dan Murdoch who decided, with some friends, to travel from Germany to Cambodia using a Trabant, which some say is one of the worst cars ever built (writes the BBC).

This is available on Listen Again on the BBC site:

The book of the trip is also available on Amazon

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  • Dan Murdoch Says:

    Hope you liked the show. I’m loving the photos on your site. Great to see a Trabbi on British streets, and one that looks in good nick too. I miss those little things, though not on freezing January mornings when i’m happy to have central heating that doesn’t divert the exhaust into the cabin.
    “gaffer tape and cable ties will suffice” – love it.

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