Bonneville or Bust

My good chums over at Bonneville or Bust, who are racing a VW Bug in the 36hp class, the ultimate exercise in peasant tuning, have just reported that a major step towards racing on Utah’s fabled salt flats has been overcome, they passed tech inspection!

Paul Cullen writes:

” just had a phone call from Bonneville!!!!


racing is on hold as there is standing water in the pit area currently but they are hoping for the area to dry off during the period of today and racing will hopefully commence tomorrow morning!

the Britt Grannis / Paul Cullen owned car backed by RNJ Motorsport is now through tech inspection and parked up for the night, everyone has retired to the town and the bend in the road for the evening.

Tomorrow…hopefully tomorrow we race

the green goblin which is being campaigned at the salt currently has already been sold to a new owner who is taking delivery upon completion of the world of speed event.

next year, we WILL be campaining at the same event with the Volkszone/Automanics/RNJ Motorsport/DDRACING Backed vehicles: Happy Dayz and Lucky Charm

we passed tech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! There was so much relief in Britts voice during the call i just received…now…well now we can RACE!

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