The hard shoulder is a lonely place

Went up to Northampton to see Rob and pick the car up. He had got a set of plates made up and these were on the car already.

It all started off well… the car started, and ran and after filling up with petrol (and adding the 2 stroke oil to the tank) we headed for the M1. Everything was going well, we even reached 110kph on the motorway and overtook a truck, when all of a sudden the car lost power and the engine stopped, so we glided over to the hard shoulder.

After about an hour of waiting in the wind and rain, the AA picked the car up and deposited us at the services a few miles down the motorway. About 2 hours later another AA van arrived to try and fix the car. All credit to the guy, he really wanted to get it fixed rather than call up for a recovery truck and spent the next few hours tearing the carb apart and cleaning out the debris that had built up in it. Whilst he was there he replaced the fan belt as that has spun itself around and a chunk had been taken out of it! Luckily there was a spare one in the boot

I saw this entrance many times that evening!

I saw this entrance many times that evening!

With the carb all cleaned I took the car for a spin around the services car park… it wasn’t great, but it worked so I thought I’d risk it. I didn’t even make the end of the car park before the engine lost power again, so a recovery truck was requested and the car was towed to Scratchwood Services where the truck took the car on its final leg home.

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