Nov 20 2009

Trabant wedding

Fritz Schneider and his wife got married in Iasi, Romania… nothing extraordinary about that I hear you say. According to Fritz, a Romanian tradition is for the wedding guests to have a wedding parade of cars, bedecked with flowers and decorations. Fritx and his wife are both Trabant fans so they invited everyone they knew with a Trabant to their wedding… resulting in a 22 Trabant strong procession through the city. The parade made it on to local and national Romanian news!


Click above for the page and watch the news item.

Fritz and his wife are planning a Trabant themed bar/cafe, all of us in the workshop of Peasant Tuning are looking forward to seeing pictures of that when its finished!

Nov 10 2009

Flickr spotting – 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall special

Seeing as it was 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall yesterday, I thought today’s image from Flickr should start with this one, taken by David Harding in 1991, of an abandoned Trabi next to the Berlin Wall. I remember this being a common sight when I visited Berlin in 1990.


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