Jun 22 2009

Ebay spotting

Just spotted on the IFA Club forum.

A 1989 Trabi that appears to have had a fair bit of work on the brakes and suspension for the MOT. It comes with some of its original DDR paperwork as well, which is nice to have.

Link to ebay

Jun 18 2009

Well it was alive…

I realise I haven’t posted anything for a while… and seeing as eljot87 has even commented on that means I really should update this!

After the initial joy of firing up the Trabi, it quickly turned sour after slowing to a stop about 2km down the road! Even after only 2km, the bottom of the carb was full of rubbish from the bottom of the fuel tank!

These are becoming a common sight these days!

There was a post on the IFA club forum the other day to say that a rust free tank is on its way from Bulgaria soon… as soon as that turns up I’ll clean the carb out again and fire the car up again.