Apr 7 2009


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After much mucking about with the carb and cleaning the whole fuel system, Dave from Trabi UK managed to find me a NOS carb. I fitted this yesterday but the battery didn’t have enough grunt to fire up so I think I flooded the car. I left it overnight and put the battery on charge for a few hours this morning and it fired up almost immediately!

A pleasing cloud of 2 stroke smoke hung in the sun over my driveway for a while until the car warmed up. I just need to adjust the idle speed and its all systems go!

Apr 1 2009

New carb ordered

After the fiasco with the current carb that is on the car, Dave from Trabi UK has managed to source a NOS carb for me… its all paid for and going in the post today. With any luck it will be with me in the next couple of days and I can get it bolted on before the weekend… looks like the car may well make Wheels Day now!