Jan 23 2009

Rally Trabi

Another YouTube offering… this time of a Hungarian owned Trabi being driven in anger!

Jan 20 2009

Still too cold

Its still too cold and wet to get outside and start working on the Trabi… I have two main jobs I need to get done, firstly I need to strip the carb down so I can get the car running properly and secondly I need to remove a wheel to take some measurements, to work out if I can get the brakes drums redrilled to accept the Porsche rims or have a set of adapters made up.

Jan 18 2009

Alternative Power Source

Jan 16 2009

The art of the Trabant

There is no doubt that the Trabi is an iconic car, and no surprise that people try to make money from it’s image. Its also no surprise that that wonderous boutique of all things great and good (and some truly awful things!), Ebay, in between all the fridge magnets and postcards always seems to have some art prints up for sale.

These two seem to be a permenant fixture on Ebay these days…

These 2 examples can be found HERE and HERE for the time being. I’m sure they will be easy to find once their auctions expire as well…

Jan 9 2009

Make your own Trabi

As the Germans’ nickname for the Trabi is ‘Pappe’ (cardboard), this seems quite fitting… make your own paper Trabi, or stick it to cardboard for a real Pappe!

Click Here to download the full sized image.

Jan 7 2009

Sneak peek at wheels

This picture arrived last night…
Porsche 14" Fuch rim

There are another 3 of these beauties! They are 14″ Porsche Fuch rims. A couple will need some refurb work on them and I’ll need to get some adapters made up to bolt the Porsche 5×130 PCD to the Trabi’s 4×160 PCD drums.

Jan 6 2009

Trabant Commercial

Jan 5 2009

Trabi Limo!

Jan 3 2009

4 Wheels to Cambodia

Sandi Toksvighits the road in two unsuitable vehicles; To discuss bumpy roads and adventures, she is joined by Manch·n Magan who undertook a road trip from London to Kenya, in a 1960ís ex British army Bedford truck; and Dan Murdoch who decided, with some friends, to travel from Germany to Cambodia using a Trabant, which some say is one of the worst cars ever built (writes the BBC).

This is available on Listen Again on the BBC site:

The book of the trip is also available on Amazon