Aug 31 2009

Flickr spotting

Aug 27 2009

Ebay spotting

Here’s another Trabi on ebay… this one looks like its come around again as it was for sale recently.

Link to ebay auction

Aug 18 2009

Ebay spotting

Just came across this Berlin Wall Presentation Set on ebay. It comes complete with 3 Trabant models, VW Beetle & Bus, German coins and a piece of the Berlin Wall…

There must be so many pieces of the Berlin Wall out there that it would have stretched from Berlin to Moscow a few dozen times!

Jul 15 2009

Ebay spotting

Yep… its another Trabi on ebay.

Its an ‘81 Kombi, 6V, UK registered and comes with the German paperwork.


Jul 13 2009

I say… ding dong!

Well… what more can you say? Obviously, chicks dig Trabants! ;)

Jun 22 2009

Ebay spotting

Just spotted on the IFA Club forum.

A 1989 Trabi that appears to have had a fair bit of work on the brakes and suspension for the MOT. It comes with some of its original DDR paperwork as well, which is nice to have.

Link to ebay

Feb 28 2009

The lost world of Communism

Is it really 20 years since the Berlin Wall and everything it stood for came tumbling down? Writes

A generation has grown up in the meantime and most of the eastern bloc has joined the EU. History has moved on. Peter Molloy’s The Lost World of Communism, a collection of personal reminiscences (which accompanies his series on BBC2), goes back to discover what life was like behind the Iron Curtain between 1945 and 1989.

The book focuses on Czechoslovakia, East Germany and Romania and is split into several thematic chapters: party people, hero workers, citizens at play, secret police, health, trials and punishment and the like. What emerges is a mosaic of anecdotal lives, each given a neat explanatory context but mercifully left bare of editorial comment. The stories are by turns harrowing, miraculous and utterly compelling.

Read the full article HERE

Feb 8 2009

Ebay spotting…

Spotted today, a 1980 Trabant…

The auction only has a couple of days to run with no bids at £500… there is a BIN price of £1000.

CLICK HERE for the auction

Jan 18 2009

Alternative Power Source

Jan 16 2009

The art of the Trabant

There is no doubt that the Trabi is an iconic car, and no surprise that people try to make money from it’s image. Its also no surprise that that wonderous boutique of all things great and good (and some truly awful things!), Ebay, in between all the fridge magnets and postcards always seems to have some art prints up for sale.

These two seem to be a permenant fixture on Ebay these days…

These 2 examples can be found HERE and HERE for the time being. I’m sure they will be easy to find once their auctions expire as well…