Apr 20 2010

Trabant Café

You might remember my post about Fritz and his wife having a Trabant procession at their wedding… if not here it is. His comment mentioned that they were planning on opening a Trabant themed cafe in Romania.

No website as yet, but you can become a fan of their Facebook page.


Feb 20 2010

Turn your car into a tank!

It looks like you’ll need a 4X4 or rear wheel drive car, so Trabis are out, but it looks like I have another reason to buy another Lada Niva… I knew I shouldn’t have got rid of the old one!

1. Drive on to chassis.
2. Remove wheels and drop car frame onto tank chassis.
3. Remove tie-rods from front hubs and attach to dual skid steer brake master cylinders.
4. Remove car drive shaft and install tank drive shaft from car transmission to tank rear axle.
5. Woohoo!.

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Dec 2 2009

Trabant calendar wallpaper for December

Fancy a wintery Trabant themed wallpaper for your PC (or Mac ;) )? How about one with a calendar on it as well?


Click HERE for the full sized wallpaper.

Nov 20 2009

Trabant wedding

Fritz Schneider and his wife got married in Iasi, Romania… nothing extraordinary about that I hear you say. According to Fritz, a Romanian tradition is for the wedding guests to have a wedding parade of cars, bedecked with flowers and decorations. Fritx and his wife are both Trabant fans so they invited everyone they knew with a Trabant to their wedding… resulting in a 22 Trabant strong procession through the city. The parade made it on to local and national Romanian news!


Click above for the antena1.ro page and watch the news item.

Fritz and his wife are planning a Trabant themed bar/cafe, all of us in the workshop of Peasant Tuning are looking forward to seeing pictures of that when its finished!

Nov 10 2009

Flickr spotting – 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall special

Seeing as it was 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall yesterday, I thought today’s image from Flickr should start with this one, taken by David Harding in 1991, of an abandoned Trabi next to the Berlin Wall. I remember this being a common sight when I visited Berlin in 1990.


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Oct 19 2009

Production documentary

This was posted on the ifa-club yahoo group the other day.

A two part documentary of Trabant production in 1965.

Part 1
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Part 2
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Sep 22 2009

Please rescue this Trabi!

cropped A Trabant 601 which in the past has been pushed into a high flowing river, possibly by thugs (or a disgruntled owner) and because these cars are mostly made from Duraplast it has been carried down river and finally coming to a stop against two old wooden pillars where it has sat ever since. The car has since been vandalised, it has had its windows smashed and various parts have been taken, its even been sitting that long you can see the water mark on the sides of the car as the river has been rising and falling and the front wheels have sunk into the mud. There are even spider webs on the rear and passenger window and an old log which is trapped against the passenger side…

More details here

Thanks to ‘aardvark64′ on the IFA Club forum for the heads up! ;)

Sep 21 2009

Ebay spotting

This grey 1967 601S


Link to ebay auction

Sep 15 2009

Marcin’s low Trabant

Following on from my earlier post (here) of the article in Retro Cars of Marcin Wojsa’s Trabant, here is a YouTube video of the car ‘in action’

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The article in Retro Cars mentions his videos at Vimeo as well, but I foolishly assumed that they were the same videos… thanks to  eljot87 for pointing out that they aren’t… an they are better videos as well!

View on Vimeo.

More of the car can be found on Marcin’s YouTube Channel and on the MaximViD vimeo channel. We salute you!!

Sep 15 2009

Ebay Spotting…

Listed as an ‘87 601S Kombi, the owner has done alot of work to this car according to the listing:

  • Trabant 601s Kombi 1987
  • Mot untill june 2010
  • Taxed till December 2009
  • Engine overhauled, New crankshaft, con rods, pistons,cylinders. Many new parts to mention.
  • Resprayed blue pearlescent.
  • New vinyl cream interior.
  • Underneath of fully welded and undersealed the rest Wax oiled.
  • FORCED to sell because partner thinks its a monstrosity and wants it off the drive. Its the car or me.
  • Spent over £1600 renovating the car and would like to recoup as much as possible.


Click for ebay auction

Its a shame about the ‘FORCED’ to sell part… luckily I have an understanding wife. She moans about the car, but I haven’t been forced to sell it just yet ;)