Oct 7 2009

Yet more coverage of the Trabant nT

More coverage of the Trabant NT… this time from euromaxx TV. I have edited the euromaxx video down to just the feature on the Tarbi…

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Oct 6 2009

Trabant nT ‘development coverage’

I’ve found some video of ‘Concept Development Footage’, although it does just appear to be a couple of guys bolting it together. It is of vague interest, but it does drag on somewhat… its not very exciting… sorry.

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Sep 17 2009

Electric Trabant nT Breaks Cover

FRANKFURT — The electric Trabant is having its 15 minutes of fame at the Frankfurt auto show. What happens next is anybody’s guess.

The Trabant was a symbol of East German industrial failings for more than three decades before production of the car ceased nearly 20 years ago. Now two German companies are taking the next step toward finding investors and builders for a battery-powered Trabant nT.


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Sep 13 2009

Trabi article in Retro Cars

Aug 31 2009

Electric version of Trabant set for Frankfurt debut

MUNICH — The Trabant — an icon of communist eastern Germany — will make a comeback as an electric car concept at the Frankfurt auto show in September, writes Automotive News.

German manufacturer Herpa Miniaturmodelle GmbH plans to show a “New Trabi” prototype in Frankfurt in the hope of attracting investors willing to help relaunch a modern, environmentally friendly version of the classic city car in 2012.

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Aug 27 2009

Trabi article in Retro Cars

Just been sent this clipping from the back of Retro Cars…

I’ll be keeping an eye on the newsagents shelves next month for this.

Aug 17 2009

Green power may help Trabant trundle back to life

BERLIN (Reuters Life!) – One of the most endearing symbols of communist East Germany, the stinky two-cylinder “Trabant” will roar back to life at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt in September — as an electric concept car.

Designers behind the modernised prototype, “Trabant nT” hope to transform the former smoke-belching clunker into an energy efficient vehicle for the modern city-dweller, equipped with electric fuel cells and a solar-panel roof.

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