Dec 7 2009

‘Christine’ moment

I just had a ‘Christine’ moment… you know, Arnie Cunningham has bought Christine and has started to restore her. He puts brand new chrome windscreen wipers on her… but the windscreen is still cracked!

I have no idea what happened to the towbar on the car, it looks like it has been cut and ripped off! I just bought this off ebay:


and it turned up on the doorstep this morning. Its a shame the car isn’t running at the moment.

Jul 20 2009

Flickr spotting

Jun 18 2009

Well it was alive…

I realise I haven’t posted anything for a while… and seeing as eljot87 has even commented on that means I really should update this!

After the initial joy of firing up the Trabi, it quickly turned sour after slowing to a stop about 2km down the road! Even after only 2km, the bottom of the carb was full of rubbish from the bottom of the fuel tank!

These are becoming a common sight these days!

There was a post on the IFA club forum the other day to say that a rust free tank is on its way from Bulgaria soon… as soon as that turns up I’ll clean the carb out again and fire the car up again.

Apr 7 2009


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After much mucking about with the carb and cleaning the whole fuel system, Dave from Trabi UK managed to find me a NOS carb. I fitted this yesterday but the battery didn’t have enough grunt to fire up so I think I flooded the car. I left it overnight and put the battery on charge for a few hours this morning and it fired up almost immediately!

A pleasing cloud of 2 stroke smoke hung in the sun over my driveway for a while until the car warmed up. I just need to adjust the idle speed and its all systems go!

Apr 1 2009

New carb ordered

After the fiasco with the current carb that is on the car, Dave from Trabi UK has managed to source a NOS carb for me… its all paid for and going in the post today. With any luck it will be with me in the next couple of days and I can get it bolted on before the weekend… looks like the car may well make Wheels Day now!

Mar 28 2009

Wheels have arrived

Picked up the wheels today… offered them up to the car to see how they would look.

I don’t think I’ll have any issues with height, but they may foul on the dampers at the back. I do have to get some adapters made up, so this could be resolved that way, although the fit within the arch is much tighter at the back!

Feb 21 2009

Carb rebuilt

I have replaced the fuel tap with a complete replacement. This was, I can dismiss the fuel tap as being a problem… even the reserve works now!! The old tap, even though it was cleaned through before, was still gunked up when I removed the gauze for the reserve.

I went over the carb and replaced all the jets I could find and its now back on the car… but the battery is flat. I guess I should have left the fuel tap on a let it fill the bowl at the bottom of the tap and the bowl of the carb. The battery is on charge and I’ll give it a crank over in the morning… that should please the neighbours, especially if it does fire up and I fill the road with 2 stroke smoke ;)

Feb 19 2009

Started bolting stuff on

I know I really should have started trying to remove the carb and rebuilding it, but its still wet out there and starting to get dark so decided to bolt on the easy stuff…

The red rear lenses were a bolt on replacement but the front indicators wire up differently and have slightly different hole centres than the later indicators so I extended the wiring to reach where the wires are clamped at the front rather than spade connections at the back and extended the slot in the wing where one of the mounting screws go.

With the new lenses on and the Sachsenring S badge on the bonnet its starting to look a bit better. Although, a good wash would go down a treat now as well!


Feb 19 2009

The postman always rings twice…

Not round these parts he doesn’t, so when I heard the doorbell this morning I knew I didn’t have much time to get downstairs before he hightails it back into his van.

My package my Trabi UK arrived this morning and was full of lovely stuff for the car. Most importantly there is a the fuel tap and carb repair kit… all the other stuff is pure vanity ;)

Feb 16 2009

Waiting for the post…

Just got an email from Dave at Trabi UK to say that my parts have landed and they should be here in the next few days… I can’t wait, I have some required parts like the carb rebuild kit and windscreen seal and also some ‘luxury’ parts like light lenses… in the meantime, here is another daft Trabi picture for no other reason than I like pictures…